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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How much data can the Smarty store on the SD card?
    A: Storage times depend on numerous factors, such as: SD card size, FPS (frames per second), video resolution, and video quality. All of these are selectable options in the Smarty software settings.
  • Q: What size SD card is included and what size can I upgrade to?
    A: A 2GB SD card is included with the BX1000 series, and 4GB included with BX1500, BX3000, and BX4000. The Smarty is compatible with a 32GB SD card. Class 10 is recommended for SDHC cards (SDHC refers to High Capacity SD Cards from 4GB - 32GB). Though we have tested many SD card for their compatibility with our products, there are just too many makes and models available to test them all. Please contact us if you are unsure about the SD card brand you wish to upgrade to.
  • Q: Does the Smarty record audio?
    A: The BX1500, BX4000, and BRX models all record audio. The BX1000 does not. Audio recording can be turned off in the PC viewer settings.
  • Q: How do I install the Smarty mount in my vehicle?
    A: The Smarty comes with a strong 3M adhesive mount for your windshield. The ring mount is adjustable to any angle windshield and the Smarty unit can be removed from the ring mount (to prevent theft or for use in multiple vehicles). Click here to view the mount assembly. Instructions are also detailed in the User Guide.
  • Q: How do I view my recordings?
    A: The first thing you should do when you receive your Smarty unit is to insert the SD card into your PC and install the PC viewer software (then insert the SD card back into the unit and install). Once you have videos recorded on your SD card (either by shock impact or pressing the manual "record" button) you can remove the SD card from the Smarty unit and use the PC viewer software to view the selected videos and accompanying data.
  • Q: I see "pre-record" as a featured function. How does the Smarty record video prior to the impact?
    A: The Smarty is always recording, but constantly overwriting itself...unless it is told to record via shock impact or manually pressing the red record button. When the Smarty is triggered to record, it simply saves the previous video, up to 30 seconds, to memory. This feature is only an option. You can select "normal record" or "event record" is the settings. On the BX4000, you can individually select the record mode for each camera.
  • Q: How does "pre-record" work if I set my unit to record continuously and not just via shock impact?
    A: A shock impact or pressing the red record button will simply flag these video files as "emergency". This makes it easy to locate events when viewing files on the PC viewer software.
  • Q: How can I prevent tampering of the SD card?
    A: There are locking door accessories available for the BX1000, BX1500, & BX4000 to ensure that SD cannot be removed without evidence of forcible entry. THE BRX series have a locking front cover as well as a key lock to remove the HDD/SSD.
  • Q: I bought a new SD card and when I insert it into the Smarty, it gives me an error. What is the problem?
    A: The SD card must first be "initialized", either by the PC software or by holding the blue "SD Init" button on the recorder (insert SD card, then hold blue SD Init button, then plug in power, let go of blue button after 10 seconds of power up). If you do not have the PC software for SD initialization on your computer, please visit our Support page to download it. For further instructions on SD initialization, please refer to the user manuals, available for download on each corresponding product page here on our website.
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