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Taxi/Bus Camera System

Taxi Camera System​

Taxi owners, drivers, and city departments can all benefit from a quality in car video system. D-Teg's BX4000 is proven to be reliable, easy to install, simple to operate, and very affordable for even the tightest budgets. The BX4000 complies with the New York TLC's strict rules & regulations and is one of the few systems approved there. 

Bus Camera System​

Everyday school and city bus drivers and owners face challenges when driving. Whether it’s changing lanes, heavy traffic, or a passenger event, the importance of mobile vision security is now at its highest level. The BRX micro DVR can provide up to 8 video and audio channels to ensure the entirety of bus is covered, inside & out.

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  • Recommended System : TX4000
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TX4000 - Drive Recorder

The main recording unit, or brain, of the TX4000 system, is only 90mm x 120mm x 28mm. There is a built-in mic, accelerometer, GPS, and SD storage (up to 256GB). The TX4000 has four camera inputs and a video-out to connect an LCD monitor for playback & rear backup monitoring.

DTR-100 - Front Facing Camera

The DTR-100 covers an astounding 170° field of view, which is a great choice for taxis since they often operate in congested urban areas with a lot of traffic and pedestrians. It's also very small and can be covertly installed.

STR-100IR - Inside Camera

The STR-100IR is an excellent choice for night-time video recording inside the vehicle. The STR-100IR uses a 120° angle Sony lens, 4 built-in LEDs, and day/night sensor that automatically activates the infrared when it's needed.

SLB-100 - Locking Case Mount


The SLB-100 adds a layer of security to the BX4000 units. Each box has a key lock which prevents tampering of the internal SD card. It also provides an easier way to hard-mount the BX units to the vehicle. 

  • Recommended System : CRX3108
CRX3108 - DVR

The rugged & secure CRX3108 boasts an impressive 8 video channels & 8 audio channels while consuming on 10W of power. Using an SSD, the CRX is shock tested up to 3Gs. Up to 2TB of storage can be used on the CRX3108, saving many weeks of data.


STC-300 - Dome Camera

This Sony Super HAD CCD vandal-proof dome camera is the perfect bus camera solution. Unmatched quality combined with rugged durability makes this the perfect passenger facing camera. Up to 8 can be installed on a CRX3108. 


STR-300IR - Exterior Facing Camera


This high resolution weather-proof (IP68) camera can be installed on the outside of the bus, to monitor bus stops, stop-arm violations, rear back-up, and more. Built-in Infrared LEDs automatically activate at night.


DSM-720 - 7" LCD Monitor

The DSM-720 is an LED back-lit 12V LCD monitor. Using this monitor the driver will be better able to monitor the bus, occupants, and surroundings. Video playback is also possible inside the bus with the DSM-720 connected.

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