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Fleet/Commercial Camera System

Fleet Camera System​

Fleet owners and drivers have dedicated routes and strict schedules to adhere to. A mobile drive recorder like the BX4000 can put owners at ease knowing their drivers are taking the best routes and are exercising efficient driving behaviors. Drivers have peace of mind knowing that their word is backed up by video and data evidence. 

Commercial Camera System​

Commercial vehicle owners often entrust their expensive equipment and investments to their employees. The Smarty BX1500 black box recorder can provide video, audio, GPS, & Accelerometer data which can be crucial evidence in the event of an accident, theft, or questionable occurrence on the road. 

  • Recommended System: TX4000
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TX4000 - Drive Recorder

The main recording unit, or brain, of the TX4000 system, is only 90mm x 120mm x 28mm. There is a built-in mic, accelerometer, GPS, and SD storage (up to 256GB). The TX4000 has four camera inputs and a video-out to connect an LCD monitor for playback & rear backup monitoring.

DTR-100 - Front Facing Camera

The DTR-100 covers an astounding 170° field of view, which is a great choice for taxis since they often operate in congested urban areas with a lot of traffic and pedestrians. It's also very small and can be covertly installed.

STR-100IR - Inside Camera

The STR-100IR is an excellent choice for night-time video recording inside the vehicle. The STR-100IR uses a 120° angle Sony lens, 4 built-in LEDs, and day/night sensor that automatically activates the infrared when it's needed.

SLB-100 - Locking Case Mount


The SLB-100 adds a layer of security to the BX4000 units. Each box has a key lock which prevents tampering of the internal SD card. It also provides an easier way to hard-mount the BX units to the vehicle. 


DSM-720 - 7" LCD Monitor

The DSM-720 is an LED back-lit 12V LCD monitor. Using this monitor the driver will be better able to monitor the truck surroundings and objects behind the vehicle. Video playback from within the cabin is also possible.

  • Recommended System : D-TEG Smarty VT1000D
VT1000D - Black Box Drive Recorder

The Full HD black box recorder! The VT1000D is packing a 3megapixel camera, mic for audio recording, GPS, accelerometer, & SD card storage (128GB max). Tool-free installation & automated operation makes the Smarty live up to its name. 


Power Cable


A driver cannot turn off the unit because of the direct power cable from the VT1000D main unit. 


Locking Cover

The locking cover protects the outside of the Smarty to restrict access to the SD card data. Only authorized personnel can remove the data for review. 

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