•  2019

  • Launched LTE 2Channel Drive recorder for USA market

  • Selected as a Small Giant Company of Korea (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • Supplied Seoul Metro Bus project (8Channel 3,500 sets)

  •  2018

  • Launched LTE 4Channel Drive recorder for USA market

  • New product development support program (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • TX2000, Network Certified on the Japan Carrier, NTT Docomo

  • CRX3008, Certified as a Japan Tachometer

  •  2017

  • Supplied Hong Kong KMB ADL Bus (8Channel 524sets)

  • Supplied Hong Kong KMB Retrofit project (8Channel 1,105sets)

  • Supplied UK Prisoner carry Bus (8Chaneel 2,715sets)

  • Moved Factory to New building in Gunpo (increase monthly production  

  • TX4000, Network Certified on the Japan Carrier, NTT Docomo

  •  2016

  • Supplied Kuwait Police Project (4Channel 550sets)

  • Supplied Japan Circle K Store Chain (3G 2Channel Drive Recorder)

  • Supplied Busan Bus project (8Channel 2,644sets)

  • Network Certified on the US Carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

  •  2015

  • Launched 3G Drive recorder for UK/USA market

  • Supplied US Army Bus project (8Channel 400sets)

  • Launched new 3G Drive recorder for Japan Insurance market.

  • Supplied Shizutetsu Justline Bus (8Channel 400sets)

  • Supplied Hong Kong Citi Bus project (8Channel)

  • Developed and Started 2Channel 3G Drive recorder for UK/USA

  • Developed and Started 2Channel 3G Drive recorder for Japan.

  • Started IoT Business

  •  2014

  • Supplied Chunichi Rinkai Bus project (8Channel 300sets) and Kintetsu Bus project(8Channel 420sets)

  • Developed and Started “LCD Drive Recorder” ODM to Japan

  • Supplied Sejeong City Bus (8Channel 210sets)

  • Supplied Hong Kong KMB(Kowloon Motor Bus) Double-Decker Bus

  •  2013

  • Supplied Azerbaijan Police project (4Channel 1,500sets)

  • Supplied Nagoya & Kyoto Bus project (8Channel 1,400sets)

  • UK business alliance (RSA, Allianz Video Partner)

  •  2012

  • Entered UK insurance market through UK business alliance (Markerstudy, Milestone)

  • Supplied Seoul Town Bus project (8Channel 1,500sets)

  • Supplied Tokyo Bus project (8Channel 1,600sets)

  •  2011

  • Supplied Busan Public Bus project (4Channel 2,532 sets)

  •  2010

  •  Supplied Keikyu Bus project(4Channel 900sets) and Enshyu railway project (4Channel 700sets)

  • Developed and Started “4 Channels Drive Recorder” ODM to Japan and Supplied New York Taxi

  • Developed and Started “Single Channel Drive Recorder” ODM to Japan.

  •  2009

  • Launched “Micro DVR”, the first mobile DVR in Korean Public Bus.

  • Supplied “Micro DVR” to TOSHIBA Teli

  •  2006

  • Establish D-TEG Security Co., Ltd. Spin-off from SK Global Co., Ltd.

  •  2003

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