Insurance/Personal Camera System

Insurance Company Camera Solution

If you're an insurance company looking to reduce the expensive claims investigation process, you should seriously consider the Smarty Black Box systems as a means to do so. Verify exact times and locations of emergency events, Verify driving routes and behaviors, and improve driving behaviors with the simple presence of a camera system. Auto-crash sensors and alarm triggers also provide crucial data elements. 

Personal Car Camera​

Whether you're a victim of a false auto insurance claim, a parent of a teenage driver, or just looking to have evidence on your side, then you should consider a black box dash camera like Smarty. Aside from beautiful HD video capture, the Smarty records vehicle speed, time/date, vehicle #, lat/long coordinates, & more. With our state-of-the art PC software, you can easily review, report, and save the videos & data.

  • Recommended System: D-TEG Smarty BX4000

BX4000 - Drive Recorder

The main recording unit, or brain, of the BX4000 system is only 4" x 2.75" x 0.75". There is a built-in mic, accelerometer, GPS, and SD storage (up to 32GB). The BX4000 has four camera inputs and a video-out to connect an LCD monitor for playback & rear back-up monitoring.

DTR-100 - Front Facing Camera

The DTR-100 covers an astounding 170° field of view, which is a great choice for insurance purposes since this camera captures much of the front and sides. It is also very small (about 1" cubed) and can be covertly installed.

STR-100IR - Inside Camera

The STR-100IR is an excellent choice for day & night-time video recording inside the vehicle. This camera can show driver behavior leading up to an incident. Seat belt fastened? Texting or talking on the phone? Smarty records it.. 

DTR-100 - Rear Facing Camera

Having two DTR-100 cameras installed in a vehicle will cover 340° of the surrounding vehicle area. This combined with interior video evidence, audio, GPS data, & 3-axis g-force data, the BX4000 will prove to be a great aid in the investigation & claims process.

SLB-100 - Locking Case Mount

The SLB-100 adds a layer of security to the BX4000 units. Each box has a key lock which prevents tampering of the internal SD card. It also provides an easier way to hard-mount the BX units to the vehicle. 

  • Recommended System: D-TEG Smarty TX2000

TX2000 - Black Box Drive Recorder

The world's best 3G HD black box recorder! The TX2000 is packing a full HD camera, mic for audio recording, GPS, accelerometer, & SD card storage (128GB max). Tool-free installation & automated operation makes the Smarty live up to its name. 

Video Transmission

The TX2000 is the world’s most advanced incident camera with powerful 3G (or Wi-Fi) video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data. 

(OPTIONAL) - 2nd camera

An optional 2nd camera ('plug & play') can be connected to the main unit for recording the driver/vehicle interior.

FULL HD 1080P recording

The TX2000 features a 1080p HD wide-angle (150°) lens to provide a comprehensive view of any road event. The TX2000 will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident.

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