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CRX3108: 5MP AHD 8camera Mobile DVR

The first 5MP(2592x1944) recording AHD Vehicle DVR represents the most stable, feature-rich, and easy to use mobile digital video recorder in the world.

The world's most advanced Vehicle DVR with powerful 3G/LTE(or Wi-Fi) video transmission!
CRX3108, an in-vehicle DVR (Digital Video Recorder), makes constant recordings of video footage using a 'first-in' 'first-out' method and is able to send video and driving data wirelessly. Connect up to EIGHT 12V Cameras as well as EIGHT microphones for superior audio & video coverage. The extremely compact size of the CRX3108 provides flexibility in installation and easier access. The main recording unit of the CRX3108 system is only 7" x 7" x 2" and is very easy to install / mount anywhere in the vehicle. Data is recorded directly to a removable HDD or SSD (up to 2TB), providing countless hours of video and data. The CRX3108 is built to withstand rugged environments and has passed Toshiba's rigorous 4,000 point reliability testing. The locking front door and storage bay both require a key for access and the rear steel cover restricts tampering with the input cables.

Fanless design, automated operation, shut-down delay control, & encrypted H.264 video.
The CRX3108 is built for professional grade applications including law enforcement, EMS, military, public transportation, & more. Once the CRX3108 is installed, there is little to worry about as its operation is completely automated. The CRX3108 provides an easy user interface to extract the data from the unit and transfer to a computer or server. Our unique software is compatible with any version of Windows, which makes it effortless to view, analyze, and save video/data files to your PC or server. With the click of a button, you can convert videos to AVI format for easy playback in almost any media player. Google™ Maps & Google™ Earth are also integrated into the PC software to enable drive tracking and location information along with the video images.

Video Playback & Data Analysis on your PC

PDF Downloads

Video Demo

3G / LTE
3G/LTE services can be utilized with an activated USIM and USB dongle or Router.

5MP Quality Video Recording
5MP recording captures images allowing you to enjoy finely detailed video.

Connect up to 8 Cameras
8 camera channels provide power and video signal for up to EIGHT 12V cameras.  

Event & Continuous Recording
Easily select your recording method. Either event (shock & record button only) or full-time video record.

HDD or SSD storage, up to 2TB
Record countless hours of video to a local, removable HDD or SSD. With an SSD, the BRX withstands 3 G's of shock.

Excellent Analysis Software
Search, playback, analyze, & save videos on your PC. Compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

8 Alarm Inputs & Motion Detection
Connect up to 8 alarm triggers for added data collection such as car brakes, overhead lights, door opening, etc.

Emergency Record Button
Activate recording manually (event mode) or flag important videos for later (continuous mode).

H.264 & Secure Video Recording
Video is captured in proprietary format with H.264 compression. dual lock entry restricts access to storage media.

Shutdown Delay Timer
Control the duration of time the BRX stays powered and recording after shutdown - 30min, 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs, or 8hrs.

Audio Recording 
Connect up to 8 microphones to capture audio recordings along with video (You have the option to turn this off).

Shock Sensor Graph 
Recorded incident data is displayed in a clear graph during PC viewer playback. Internal G-sensor records X, Y, & Z axis.

Condition Check-up
Automatically verifies the system is accurately recording and proper operating conditions using LED and audible alarm.

Detailed Data Recording
GPS & shock data is recorded and saved every second in a separate folder in CSV format. Data is recorded full-time regardless of video record mode.

Integrated Google Map
Location & route is displayed on Google™ Maps, which moves along with the video playback. You can also export data to Google Earth with the click of a button.

Innovative Design 
Smart compact & lightweight design enables covert recording of interior or exterior of vehicle. Easy to install almost anywhere in the vehicle.





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