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D-TEG Smarty BX2000 series
(2 channel, 3G/LTE dash camera)

The Smarty BX2000 is a new generation dash camera that offers 3G/LTE telecommunication capabilities allowing for immediate data transfer in case of an accident. It is also a two channel device with a built-in camera (2MP CMOS sensor (HD)/ 141 degree angle-of-view lens) and an optional second camera.

A must for insurance companies and vehicle management providers.
With a built in camera, microphone, GPS, and G-sensor as well as its capacity to log max 11 digital inputs, the BX2000 can also process, present, and communicate this information, helping to analyze accidents, coach drivers, and ultimately reduce costs. At present, the BX2000 is the main component for Toshiba and NEC’s vehicle management system.

Anyone can have access to accident videos through their own email server.
Who needs an expensive data server when you can utilize your free email server. The data stored in the BX2000 can be accessed through email. When an event happens, it will convert a pre 5 sec and post 5 sec video clip into a AVI file and transfer it to a preset email address. Once this video is previewed via PC or smart phone, the original data can be requested to the same email address.

Video Playback & Data Analysis on your PC

PDF Downloads

Video Demo

2 Channel video recording
A built in HD camera and an optional secondary camera can be used.





Event recording, normal (continuous) recording, and dual recording modes
Different recording modes can be set for different uses and data needs.

Professional Analysis Software
Play back, AVI conversion, analysis, back up, and many more functions can be performed on the PC viewer program. Compatible with Windows 7/8/10.

Digital Inputs and Outputs
4 inputs, 2 outputs, and 4 car signals, speed, and RPM

3G / LTE
3G/LTE services can be utilized with a activated USIM and USB dongle





Panic button
Recording will start or noted when the panic button is pressed.

A built-in omni-directional microphone can be activated or deactivated for audio recordings




Passwords can be set to limit people who can view the data safeguarding private information




G-sensor information is presented in a simple graph making it easier to find impact time

Self check and notification
The system automatically preforms and health check and notifies the operator of any problems.

Driving data
Data on speed, location, abrupt accelerations, sudden turns are recorded in the log files

Google™ Map 3.0 and Google™ Earth licensed
Google™ Map is embedded into the PC Viewer program and Google™ Earth will automatically launch accessed

Security enhanced design 
The sleek D- TEG design is complimented by fixed cable connections and lockable covers to enhance insure data is not lost.




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