Smarty BX1500: The World's First HD Black Box

Smarty offers to both commercial and private vehicle operators an effective risk reducing means to aid in the investigation process, decrease collateral damages associated with car accidents, encourage safe driving, monitor driving behaviors, and enhance the overall safety on the road.

Everything the BX1000 is and much more!
The new Smarty BX1500 is nearly identical in appearance to its popular predecessor, the BX1000, but with some key new features and optimizations that make it the best self-contained black box recorder on the road today. The new SXVGA (1280x960) High-Definition megapixel camera lens records video images in crystal clear details. The new internal omni-directional microphone captures audio recordings along with the video (can be turned off in software settings). A video output allows users to see a live video feed on a navigation system or LCD display inside the vehicle. And lastly, the PC software has been completely redesigned for a better user experience, along with added features and functions. Click here to view the recording storage times for the BX1500.

Solid-state design, automated operation, & tool-free installation.
Smarty Black Box, an in-vehicle Event Data Recorder (EDR), makes constant recordings of video footages on a loop as the journey continues. A pre-determined amount of G-force will activate recording and put the latest image to memory; up to 20 seconds prior to contact. You can also set the Smarty to record continuous video upon powering up. 
Files are recorded directly to a SD card (supports up to 32GB). These videos may later be viewed for surveillance purposes or evidence in an investigation. With integrated GPS, Smarty records the speed, time, and location for post-crash analysis, providing concrete evidence for clarifying responsibility.


Video Playback & Data Analysis on your PC

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Software Demo


HD Quality Video Recording
SXVGA High-Definition megapixel camera lens records video images with amazing clarity. 15 FPS in SXVGA, 30 FPS in VGA.

Event & Continuous Recording
Easily select your recording method. Either event (shock & record button only) or full-time video record.

Excellent Analysis Software
Search, playback, analyze, & save videos on your PC. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Emergency Record Button
Activate recording manually (event mode) or flag important videos for later (continuous mode).

Audio Recording 
The internal omni-directional microphone captures audio recordings along with video (You have the option to turn this off).

Secure Video Recording 
Video is captured in proprietary format. Embedded capacitor ensures proper shut-down in case of power interruption.

Shock Sensor Graph 
Recorded incident data is displayed in a clear graph during PC viewer playback. Internal G-sensor records X, Y, & Z axis.

Condition Check-up
Automatically verifies the system is accurately recording and proper operating conditions using LED and audible alarm.

Video Output 
Allows users to see a live video feed on a navigation system or LCD display inside the vehicle.

Detailed Data Recording
GPS & shock data is recorded and saved every second in a separate folder in CSV format. Data is recorded full-time regardless of video record mode.

Integrated Google Map
Location & route is displayed on Google™ Maps, which moves along with the video playback. You can also export data to Google Earth with the click of a button.

Innovative Design 
Smart cylindrical design enables recording of interior or exterior of vehicle. Unique ring mount and holder make it easy to adjust to any angle windshield.  


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